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bitcoin whitepaper

Bitcoin Whitepaper Celebrates Ten-Year Anniversary as Cryptocurrency Strains Against Earth’s Surly Bonds

October 31st 2018 marks the 10 year anniversary of the publication of the Bitcoin whitepaper and its coincidence with Halloween could prove prophetic. Generations...
bitcoin murder

Bitcoin Murder Victim Named and Suspect is Held Following Global Manhunt

Since Tokenleak first reported the story five days ago, the identity of a slain Norwegian cryptocurrency trader has been revealed and a suspect has...
Bitcoin Trader Murdered

Bitcoin Trader Murdered Attempting to Liquidate Holdings in Order to Buy Apartment

A Norwegian Bitcoin trader murdered shortly after selling his cryptocurrency holdings was reportedly trying to raise funds in order to buy an apartment. The grisly episode...
seized bitcoins

US Marshals to Auction Off in Excess of 600 Seized Bitcoins

On November 5th, the United States Marshals Service (USMS) will hold an auction in which 660 seized Bitcoins (BTC) will be put up for...
bitcoin miner

Bitcoin Miner Accused of Using Siberian Public Servers to Power Operation

A Bitcoin miner from the Siberian city of Kurgan today stands accused of hacking into publicly owned servers in order to power his mining...
bitcoin black market

Jailed Bitcoin Black Market Founder’s Freedom Petition Gains Momentum Following Senator’s Approval

The jailed founder of Silk Road, sometimes referred to as the original Bitcoin black market, has had his online petition for freedom signed by...
bitcoin forward blocks

“Bitcoin Forward Blocks” White Paper Introduces Mechanism Which Could Replace Hard Forks

A former NASA developer has written a white paper for a mechanism which will allow major changes to the Bitcoin protocol without the need...
facebook lawsuit

Facebook Lawsuit Sees MoneySavingExpert, Martin Lewis, Testify Over Slew of Bitcoin Scams

Consumer advice guru and founder of, Martin Lewis has been testifying in a Facebook lawsuit which he himself initially brought against the social...
bitcoin trading

Bitcoin Trading Spikes in Troubled Venezuela, Echoing Recent Global Trends

Bitcoin trading volumes have shot up to unprecedented levels in the troubled socialist republic of Venezuela. Despite having its own state-sponsored cryptocurrency, the Petro...
early bitcoin miner

Early Bitcoin Miner Makes a Fortune as Speculation Continues About Identity of Satoshi

Speculation has become something of a cryptocurrency buzzword. If we're not speculating actively on the market, then we're speculating in private about where the...

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