Sunday, February 17, 2019
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cryptocurrency market crash

Cryptocurrency Market Crash Forecast by Juniper Report which Highlights Low Transaction Volumes

Juniper Research has issued a stark warning that numerous economic measures indicate a fresh cryptocurrency market crash could be on the cards. According to...
bitcoin prediction

Novogratz Hazards Yet Another Bitcoin Prediction as Blockchain Braggadocio Reaches Fever Pitch

Mike Novogratz, bullish head of Galaxy Digital Capital Management, a cryptocurrency investment firm based in New York, has amended his 2018 Bitcoin prediction for a...
Joe Lubin

Joe Lubin Waxes Lyrical on Marco Polo, Distributed Wealth and the Common Good

The creators of Ethereum never fail to provide a news worthy sound bite. Vitalik Buterin is almost as quick-witted as he is precocious and...
crypto bottom

Crypto Bottom Declared by Mike Novogratz

The founder and CEO of crypto investment giant Galaxy Digital Capital Management, Mike Novogratz, has made the bold declaration that a crypto bottom has...
coinbase ceo

Coinbase CEO Predicts Exponential Crypto Growth

Brian Armstrong, the Coinbase CEO, spoke with TechCrunch yesterday about, not only, the future of the exchange he runs, but also the long-term prospects of the...