Thursday, March 28, 2019
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Our collection of Ethereum guides, written in an easy-to-follow format to keep you engaged and learning as efficiently as possible. Suitable for readers of all levels and understandings.

What is Proof of Stake

What is Proof of Stake? (PoS)

Well, what is Proof of Stake, eh? With scalability problems becoming a frontline issue, blockchain developers are looking at every solution possible to move forward...
Raiden Network

What is Raiden Network? (Ethereum Scaling Solution)

What is Raiden? (Not the Mortal Kombat character...) Raiden (also known as Raiden Network) can be viewed as Ethereum’s answer to the Lightning Network. It...
What is Sharding

What is Sharding? (Ethereum Scaling Solution)

If you're an active follower of cryptocurrency and/or blockchain technology, you'll no doubt have heard the term Sharding mentioned at least one or two (if...
what is ethereum

What is Ethereum?

Welcome to our What is Ethereum guide! Ethereum is the 2nd biggest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. To clarify — Ethereum is the name of the network,...

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