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Crypto News Weekly – Nov 11 / Nov 18 – Tokenleak

cryptocurrency news roundup

Time for another cryptocurrency news roundup here at Tokenleak Towers and this week is a bit of a doozy, with thrills, spills and shills galore!

The week began, predictably enough on Monday, with musings on the future development of Ethereum from Consensys CEO Joe Lubin. In an interview with German tech news outlet t3n, the Ethereum co-founder asserted that the platform will, “probably take a little longer” to reach its full potential than the internet itself did, as it’s “much more complicated.”

Whilst the Ethereum Foundation is largely free to plot its own developmental course, the same can’t be said for Venezuela or the Marshall Islands. Both small, but very much sovereign, states found their right to self-determination impeded this week by centralised (and unelected) concentrations of authority. Venezuela was denied access to its own gold reserves by the Bank of England, whilst the Marshall Island’s plans to create a state-sponsored digital currency had cold water poured on the them by the International Monetary Fund.

Elsewhere, the IMF’s Christine Lagarde performed a defiantly hypocritical about-face by recommending that central banks consider the adoption of digital currency in order to keep pace in an increasingly cashless world. I suppose some ideas only sound good when you pretend that you thought of them first.

And then, on Wednesday, came the crash…

Cryptocurrency prices tanked across the board mid-week, with almost all of the sector’s major players losing significant ground. Worst affected was Bitcoin Cash (BCH) whose value had already been weakened by the hysterics surrounding the coin’s hard-fork upgrade. The dust has yet to settle on this one but prices appear to be stable for the time being, although the jury’s still out on the outcome of the BCH circus.

And finally…

In crypto, rats don’t leave a sinking ship, they appear mysteriously instead – inflatable and gigantic – on the streets of New York and Washington looking to settle old scores with the likes of Alan Greenspan and friends (This one’s too weird to detail in a humble cryptocurrency news roundup; for the baffling story in full, click here).

That’s yer lot, friends and countrymen! As you were…

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