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Cryptocurrency Prices Rise Tentatively Across Top 20 with IOTA and EOS Performing Best Overall

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Cryptocurrency prices rose almost in unison across CoinMarketCap’s top 20 coins today, with only Monero and USD Tether underperforming. Of the coins which gained ground, EOS and IOTA stood out as the top performers over the last 24-hours. These positive market stirrings come just hours after Tokenleak reported that BitMEX founder and CEO, Arthur Hayes, has said that he expects the crypto bear market to last another 18 months.

Following the announcement on Tuesday that it will open an office in Dubai before the end of the year, Ripple’s (XRP) value grew by a healthy 2.31% leaving its 3rd place position in the trading charts unchallenged. Slightly more wobbly on its feet is Ethereum (ETH) in 2nd place, whose value dropped below the 200 US dollar (USD) mark yesterday. Since then the ‘Good Ship Buterin’ has steadied herself somewhat and a teeny tiny 1.14% bump in its value brings its price back up to 199.56 USD. So, close but no cigar. Bitcoin (BTC), seeming more like the steady Eddie of the group than ever, continued along its lengthy plateaux with a barely noticeable 1% price hike bringing its coin price to 6,386.81 USD at time of going to press.

With the big boys barely bothering to get out of bed this morning, it was left to the young pretenders IOTA and EOS to show any real signs of vigour. Home of the Tangle, IOTA managed to extricate itself from the pack, stretch its legs and put on a robust 4.08% growth spurt over the past 24-hours, whilst EOS was the top ten’s star pupil, recording a tidy 2.64% increase in value. Staying behind after class today are Monero and USD Tether, both of whom must do better. However, neither coin will lose much sleep over 0.24% and 0.07% slip ups respectively.

Should you find yourself wanting to investigate cryptocurrency prices for yourself, then you could do a lot worse than heading over to Binance or Coinbase. That’s all, class dismissed!


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