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Crypto News Weekly – Nov 4 / Nov 11 – Tokenleak

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Welcome! Welcome! Welcome to another brief, neat and entirely complete Tokenleak weekly crypto recap, featuring all the blockchain news that’s fit to print!

The main stories in cryptocurrency this week involved difficult choices. Millions of Americans were picking between a rock and a hard place in the US mid-term elections, which pitted the ineffectual Democrats against the inexplicable Republicans in a kind of medal-less mediocrity Olympics. The electorate obviously felt confident enough in the outcome to register 900,000 US dollars in bets on Ethereum dApp, Augur, whilst also installing five crypto-friendly governors, three newbies and two incumbents. God Bless America!

Another bipartisan contest took place over on the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain this week, as rival hard-fork upgrades BCH ABC and BCH SV squared off for supremacy of the network. Initially, news of the upcoming fork drove the BCH price up, but Roger Ver and co. managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by resorting to hysterical name-calling and childish posturing.

As with every weekly crypto recap, there’s a little good news and a little bad. Falling into the bad news column over the past seven days were stories involving the alleged censorship of the Off The Chain podcast, a harrowing incident involving a cryptocurrency broker receiving an explosive device in the post, and the seemingly ubiquitous dodgy practices of certain trading exchanges (I’m looking at you Zaif and EtherDelta!).

In the good news column, there were stories about the launch of Dash Text, an offline mobile app for transferring coins, the release of fancy new Bitmain miners, as well as the introductions of cross-chain solution BancorX and Binance’s analytics wing, Binance Research.

Perhaps the most heartening news of the week came on Thursday, with the announcement of a non-speculative cryptocurrency aimed at introducing a kind of universal basic income via a need-based social dividend mechanism. GoodDollar is the sort of project that Satoshi Nakamoto could have only dreamed of when they first conceived of Bitcoin, its scope and ambition truly redefining the limits to which this nascent technology can be pushed.

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