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What is a White Paper and What is a Litepaper?


White Paper

A whitepaper, commonly written as White Paper, or simply just WP, is a document containing a comprehensive proposition of a new solution to an existing problem. In the cryptocurrency space, we see this most commonly when new ICOs are launched, new technology is announced, or new scaling solutions are proposed. 

If you are interested in learning about a project, you should read their White Paper. 

Note: For all your semantics nerds out there, be sure to remember that a white paper is technically not a product pitch. Even though that’s how we tend to regard them in the cryptocurrency space, it is not how the original term is defined. Technically, a white paper is an in-depth report that presents a solution to an existing problem.

Lite Paper

This one’s easy! A litepaper (or Lite Paper) is essentially just a brief version of the whitepaper — a summary.

If you haven’t got time to read the full White Paper, or would rather read about the fundamentals before deciding if you’d like to read the full White Paper, you can read the lite paper instead. 

They are normally around 2-7 pages long, whereas a white paper can be anywhere from 10-100 pages. There is no set rule, so you may very well find exceptions.

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